You spent 3 hours writing a post about tungho7107, but instead of the expected flurry of comments, you received only three kissing emojis and one fried chicken emoji from your mom?

The first thing to do is to check if there is anything in the post that the user can react to.

The story about the founding of the company is great. Many will read it and be inspired. But if you do not ask at the end of the question, there will be no answers to it.

5 ideas on how to get a lot of comments:

Touch on controversial topics (does the Russian team have any chances)
Ask users to rate something from 1 to 5, such as the view from your office window
Provide an opportunity to share experience (how do you cook borscht?)
Invite followers to make friends, go to the account of the last commenter, put 5 likes on the most beautiful photos, go back and write “done”
Provide an opportunity to consult with an expert (And today we invited Lisa, an interior designer with 10 years of experience, who knows all the wholesale bases where you can buy old tile collections for next to nothing, and masterfully knows how to combine a grandfather’s chair and x- box. Lisa will be happy to share her experience and answer any of your questions)