Viber and Mamba talked about launching a joint chatbot for online dating. Users can log in to an existing profile, create a new one, vote for people they like, put likes

and dislikes. Rusbase was informed about this in the press service of Viber.

Mutual sympathies are displayed in a separate list. Only those people who liked him can write to the user.

The companies also conducted a study and found out how Russians use dating services.

23% of respondents prefer to get acquainted on social networks or on dating sites. 21% are looking for love among friends, 15% – at work. 11% meet on the street.
54% of those surveyed went on a date with a person they met on a dating service. 48% of them said that the meeting went well, 23% – not very well, 20% – very well, 9% – very bad.
The main disadvantages in communicating with men on dating sites: boring dialogues with monosyllabic answers (29% of respondents share this opinion), the use of the words “kitty”, “zaya” and other diminutive words (19%), illiteracy (17%), rudeness (16%), sexist jokes (15%). Among the pluses – coincidence of interests (35%), good sense of humor (26%), manifestations of sincere interest (15%) and good manners (13%).
In correspondence with women, the main disadvantages are: silence and rare answers (37%), self-interest and questions about the level of income (30%), complaints (10%), stories about the ex (8%). Pros: common interests (43%), sincere interest in the interlocutor (17%) and a good sense of humor (15%).
More than 15 thousand Russian residents aged 18 and over took part in the survey. 34% of respondents are women, 66% are men.