Messengers have become the most popular smartphone apps. Social networks came in second, followed by banking apps. The results of Deloitte’s research “Media consumption in Russia – 2020” are published by Vedomosti.

Residents of Russia began to install instant messengers on smartphones more often. According to experts, usually users have 4 messengers installed:

WhatsApp (88% of respondents);
Viber (at 62%);
Skype (52%);
Telegram (50%).
Less commonly, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Snapchat are installed on smartphones. 42% of respondents explained that they use instant messengers more often than before. Telegram has grown in popularity over the year. Skype has worsened its position.

“Remote work contributes to the use of instant messengers. They allow for more effective group communication, ”says Anton Shulga, Deloitte CIS representative.

Also, due to the pandemic, the volume of voice traffic in cellular networks has increased. For half of 2020, Russian subscribers talked 231.7 billion minutes. This is 12 billion minutes more than last year.

Deloitte analysts also noticed an increase in the consumption of video content from laptops and stationary computers.

The survey was conducted in 200 settlements in 8 regions of the country. 1600 people took part in the study “Media Consumption in Russia – 2020”.