Sensity’s specialists have found many bots in the Telegram messenger that create pornographic deepfakes at the request of users. Reported by The Verge.

Users mainly create fake images of naked women they know, and then exchange the result with each other in various messenger channels, the newspaper writes.

To create a deepfake, the user sends a photo of a person to the bot, after which he receives his pornographic image. The free version of the bot hides some parts of the image or draws watermarks over it.

The program charges users 100 rubles for creating 100 deepfakes without watermarks within seven days.

Sensity experts found that by July 2020, more than 100 thousand deepfakes were published on the public Telegram channels, some of them contain images of minors. About 70% of the images were uploaded by users from Russia and neighboring countries.

In a survey conducted on one of the channels, the majority of people (63%) said they use the program to create pornographic images of their acquaintances; 16% upload photos of celebrities there, 7% – photos of random people from the Internet.

Bots use DeepNude technology to create images. With the help of neural networks, she can remove clothes from a photograph, painting parts of a naked body instead. The technology was presented in the spring of 2019, a few months later, when the media began to write about DeepNude, the authors closed the project, saying that “the likelihood that people will abuse it is too high.”

According to Sensity, the source code of the program still appeared on the Internet in the public domain on torrent trackers.