Telegram user ID is a special numeric code that is assigned to everyone during registration. This ID and eset nod32 keys 2021 is needed for the system to correctly save data and associate it with a specific user. Sometimes there is an urgent need to find out your Telegram user ID or the numeric code of a channel. You will not find it in the messenger menu, this feature is not provided by the developers.

But it is quite realistic to find out from other sources.

Why do you need a Telegram user ID?
This identifier can be useful in various situations. It is simply indispensable if, for example, you have decided to create a Telegram group.

As soon as you do this, the community will be assigned an identifier. Later on, you will need it to configure and normal operation of the chat.

The Telegram user ID code is unique. It is unique for each community you create.

Hence, its main property is identification, since there cannot be two groups with the same Telegram ID.

A particular user, bot, chat, or channel is identified by this one indicator for the entire system. It is more convenient and accurate than identifying by user name.

By the way, if the @username you are looking for is busy and the account it belongs to is busy at the moment, you can contact Telegram’s technical support to give this username to you.

It is important to keep in mind that users can change their username at any time. There is no guarantee that the @username you are using now has not been used by someone else before you.

All of this justifies the use of the Telegram User ID system. This ID never changes, even if you change your name or, for example, your chat/bot/channel description.

If you want to learn more about how to create your channel and make it successful, read our detailed material.

Your Telegram user ID: how to find out
There are at least 2 useful bots for this task in Telegram: “Get Your Telegram User ID” and “What’s my Telegram ID?”.

They’re very simple and designed for one purpose only: to send you your ID. To take advantage of their help, do the following:

Copy the name of the bot and paste it into the search bar of the messenger or follow the direct links: @MyTelegramID_bot or @my_id_bot;
If you have trouble following direct links to Telegram, use blocking circumvention tools.

Start a dialog with it (click start).
Bot will send Telegram user ID – a combination of numbers and letters.
How to find out someone’s Telegram user ID
It seems that we have figured out how to find out your user ID. But that is not all.

In Telegram, you can find out the user ID of any user at all.

Let us show you how to do this. Information about a Telegram user ID is “leaked” by a bot called @userinfobot. To find out someone’s user ID, follow these steps:

Go to the direct link or find the bot through the search bar in Telegram, then start a dialogue with it using the start button;
Send him any message from the person whose Telegram user ID you want.
To do this, right-click on the message (if Telegram is installed on your computer) and select the “forward” option. Then specify to whom (in this case, to a bot).

If the program is running on your mobile device, call up the menu with a long tap on the message and do the same.

In reply, the bot will send the following information about the user: the name (the one specified in the First and Last name fields), Telegram user ID and language.

The bot will send the information you are interested in, and it is currently the fastest way to find out the user ID in the messenger.